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cOh5 my brother, 1 will not keep you waiting
In the cold and snow. I am preparing the mes-
senger I will send you. Have patience for just
a little while/

As he shook the dry powder on to the pan of
his gun3 the wolf, without any previous move-
ment of warning, suddenly made a mighty leapó
and vanished.

The swift-gathering darkness and the howling
blizzard made useless any further effort to capture
this remarkable pelt, and realizing for the first
time the futility of his quest. Eagle Plume now
laid aside his gun and unloosened an axe which
hung at his belt,, and made hurried preparations
to shield himself from the blizzard. He cut
down some dead spruce for a fire, and then made
himself a shelter of mountain bushes.

During a slight pause in his labour, his ear,
keenly attuned to the voices of the wilderness,
caught a strange sound* When he listened in-
tently and caught it a second time there was no
mistaking what it was. It was the wail of a

Throwing down his axe and wrapping his
blanket about his head and body, he stumbled
out into the darkness and hurried blindly In the
direction whence the wail had come. As he
jogged along through the swirling snow, his ears
alert to hold the wailing sound above that of the